Julia and her company were the critical headhunter partner for the software engineering department in Tallinn that I was leading. Julia accounted for more than 35% of all recruitments done in this department over the last years. Moreover, Julia accounted for an impressively large number of recruitments, which were an extremely long-lasting relationship between the company I worked in and candidates.

Jan Domozilov
VP of Software Engineering, EMEA

Julia is an experience IT recruiter, mentor and speaker, founder of the leading IT recruitment agency in Estonia IT Talent www.ittalent.ee.

She managed to build a very productive recruitment team in no time and get to the top of the recruitment businesses in Estonia, right between the two powerful job boards CV Keskus and CV Online.
IT Talent team is doing its best to help Estonian start ups grow and sets the trends in the IT talent market. They believe in candidate centric approach in recruitment.

Julia and her team have also established a powerful IT expat community in Estonia and become the trusted “go to” persons for the tech specialists.