Adriaan Kolff is an angel investor and a serial entrepreneur in the recruitment industry. After having co-founded two recruitment companies in Amsterdam, at the end of 2018 Adriaan co-founded MatcHR and moved to Kyiv, Ukraine. Without any prior experience working or living in Ukraine, Adriaan grew MatcHR, a recruitment outsourcing company, to 20 employees in its first year.

To stay updated on the latest sourcing and recruitment hacks Adriaan constantly tries new tools, techniques and ways of working to successfully work for some of the fastest growing (tech) companies in Europe.
Adriaan actively shares his experiences of his entrepreneurial (recruitment) journey through his personal blog that have been distributed through several channels like Recruiting Brainfood, Amazing Hiring and other platforms.

Adriaan is known for his energetic and interactive way of presenting and has spoken at small meet ups to audiences of over thousands of people.